Olivia is kind, patient and forgiving. Dedicating herself to the church at a young age, she is a faithful warrior and servant in her god's war against the forsaken and demon kind. She has since become conflicted and confused upon befriending those she has sworn war against and learning that her god and church have not been entirely truthful about what she was convinced she was fighting for. This confusion has caused her to become wavering and unsure about herself and her life's work.
Olivia is about 5'5"-5'6", with a sinewy, fighter's build. She is half Thai, half English with freckles scattered across her nose, cheeks, shoulders and arms, often darkened from her time in the sun. She has short, dark brown hair and large, medium brown/hazel eyes. She often carries with her a set of studded, metal fists or knuckles. She carries herself in a strong way. She dresses conservatively and is self conscious about what she thinks is her unfeminine build while in regular society and women. She prefers to dress in loose, flowing clothing that lends itself to easy motion and fluidity.
Commissioner's Notes:
Olivia is a hand to hand warrior and focuses the spiritual energy around her in battle. While carrying and presenting herself like a warrior, she is at heart, curious and excitable. Her suppressed personality and sexuality is a source of tension in her life.