art by nayruchan

Conner is a minstrel in the royal court and personal pet and guard to the prince. He is coy, manipulative and has very little shame when it comes to getting what he wants. Conner is often found flirting with the noble women of the court in order to gain sway for the king and prince to keep the royal family happy. His reputation with those in the castle is not a noble one and is well known as a trickster.
Everything about Conner, including his name, is fake. His hair, though naturally dirty to ash-blond is dyed in blues, purples and bits of pink. The cloths that he is to wear are generally blues and purples with gold accents though they will put him into anything colourful so long as the colours are not consistently bright. He is decorated with various pieces of ornamental jewelry and dressed to fit in with a noble crowd, contrary to his common birth and upbringing. The only practical pieces to be found on him that are his glasses and the thimbles he sometimes wears to protect his fingers while playing. He is almost always seen with an instrument, playing cards or tarot cards and can be seen carrying a bow and knife while on duty.
Commissioner's Notes:
You can do whatever customization you might like with his hairstyle and cloths. I love to see different interpretations of him. The large instrument often shown is mostly ornamental, you may draw him with whatever instrument you wish and feel will suit your image best should you choose to add one. His personal fave is the viola.

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