Mullin is the leader of an underground assassin's guild. He is easily irritated, arrogant, chauvinistic, dominating, defensive, aggressive and moody. Though these traits have been beaten and grilled into him since childhood, deep down he craves love and attention, suppressing his cuddly, cat-like nature and will occasionally tolerate (secretly like) having his ears pet by certain people. His pride will of course not allow him to admit anything that might be seen as anything but strong and ruthless.
Mullin is a very plain looking, long haired black cat and is based on the Norwegian forest cat breed. His fur runs down the back of his neck and spine to the small of his back, thinning out until it reaches his tail where it becomes full again. The skin closest to this trail is black and spreads out into thinning spots across his back and shoulders (see sketch reff below). As a female this hair only goes about halfway down his back before thinning into nothing above the tail. His tail is quite long and very full and fluffy. Mullin has dark green eyes, leaning more on the blue side than the yellow, similar to this cat.

Commissioner's Notes:

His poor attitude and sexist mistreatment of women one day lead to having a curse placed upon him by a spiteful female member of his guild and a pact with a demi-god turning him into a woman. He is now learning how hard it is to be a woman in a man's world and dealing with not having the power and respect he is used to commanding. Being a strait man, his sexual orientation remained "strait" as a woman as well. Her new-found attraction to men frustrates her.


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