Taneli / Tanner

Taneli is a fastidious and wrought with shame; when put on the spot can become very fidgety and defensive, to the point of becoming violent.  He tries to remain unassuming, tending to be extremely polite around others and comes off fragile, obsessive, unsure of himself and anxious.  His self-depreciating humor and dry wit is often charming when he's calm enough to execute them.  He keeps possible friends at a distance, not wishing to hurt or tangle anyone up in his past associations.  His past has driven him to become a hermit in his clock shop but he still tries to create the guise of a real life for his customers, as his clock and watch creations are highly sought after by the Nobility of Hell, Earth and even Heaven.  Due to his insecurity and guilt from his former life, Tanner tends to be somewhat down on himself.  Having lived too long and given up on having any real relationships or forging himself a new path, Tanner has dwindled into hopelessness and often contemplates suicide just to end his wretchedly long existence.

Tanner is a lanky and very sinewy man, being a high nymph gives him rather graceful qualities and long elegant limbs.  Despite his rather lean muscles Tanner has a rather round and adorable face with perpetually sad looking eyes and a small button-like nose.  His skin is discordant in skin tones, which range from beige to tan to burnt orange which are part of large patches of freckles that spread across half his face, over his shoulders and down his spine.  Where the patches aren't, dark freckles appear in droves, so much that hardly a square inch of him isn't covered in some kind of pigment.   His hair, which is fluffy and difficult to control is often kept short, cropped around his face, and is naturally a brilliant golden blond.  This same fluff runs down the length of his tail.  His eyes resemble speckled amber, with flecks of dark gold and red throughout.  He dresses practically for his trade and doesn't own a single item of formal wear.   He does however have dozens upon dozens of piercings, some of which can be seen hanging off his mobile and emotive ears.  These piercings run all the way down his spine, hips, ears, and a few punctuating his cheeks, collar bones, naval and tail.
Commissioner's Notes:
Tanner is a very lonely and isolated man.  He does not fit in with any society he interacts with and is often persecuted and made a target by larger majorities.   He rarely fights back or defends himself, believing that he somehow deserves the cruelty and punishment inflicted on him.  He keeps to himself and tries to make a living with his horology.

art by budgie