Dominique is a paranoid, suspicious, angry, guilt-ridden individual and while he is also very intelligent his anxiety couples with obsessive compulsive behaviors tend to drown out any logic or sanity he may possess.  Unfortunately because he is part of an ongoing comic project, I can not add more without spoilers.
Dominique has dark, clear skin, chocolate brown hair and deep red eyes.  He has a lanky physique that isn't flattered by his malnutrition and general lack of hygiene.  He is often seen in partial uniform, partial casual dress (and almost never wears shoes), and has a gold rimmed monocle for his left eye, which is significantly more blind than his right.  He appears to be in his mid 20's, lazy and has terrible posture.
Commissioner's Notes:
Dominique is a 'mad scientist' indentured as a prisoner of war for his knowledge and expertise in Alchemy, although being a prisoner suggests he has a rebellious nature and is working for the military against his will.