Lucien / Lucy

Lucy is very dominating and enjoys feeling in control of her situation and of others.   She doesn't take any crap from anyone and because of her strong will and ability to adapt quickly to new situations she often comes out on top and supported by those around her.  Lucy can be aggressive but as a natural born leader she usually has the intelligence and foresight to temper her explosive anger.

Lucy would not be immediately recognizable as a demon being that the only real tells are her red eyes, pointed ears and pointed canines.  She has short, cropped black hair that she usually wears casually messy with a very devil-may-care attitude. Her body type is fairly androgynous, having small bust, subtle curves, broad shoulders, and strong bone structure.  She has a lean body type, something she inherited from her father, Asmodeus, but is by no means a warrior build.  She will wear anything from boyish demon or human clothing, to feminine gowns and casual wear.  She also rebels against the current standard of demon fashion and exposes her skin in ways that make most demons blush. 

Commissioner's Notes:
Lucy is especially fun because of her rebellious attitude and her way of 'wearing the pants' in any relationship she's in.  I definitely love seeing those aspects of her come through.