Asmodeus is the current King of Hell and uses intimidation, fear and might to retain power over his nation.  Having once been a high standing Angelic Noble, Asmodeus was thrown out of heaven and corrupted, which slowly drove him to become ruthless, hateful and distrustful of all those around him.  Known as the demon of lust, he uses vanity and the attention from others to cover up his insecurities, having never forgiven what falling from heaven did his body and soul.

Having been an angel once Asy does not exhibit typical demon traits such as tall stature or muscular frame.  He is incredibly lean, has two sets of wings (4 in total), one set of horns that come from his temples and branch into two parts and a long whip-like tail that he often attaches metal armaments to either accessories or as weapons.  He has piercings through his wings which he uses to attach garments, armor or decoration to.  Demon society is very conservative in the way of dress and Asy is never seen with his neck, wrists or ankles showing.  He also has black obsidian-like stones covering his spine between his wings, up the back of his neck and behind his ears to meet his horns.  These stones are actually pieces of bone that are protruding, and as such his teeth are also completely black, along with the inside of his mouth and the 'whites' of his eyes (they tend to pick up more light than his irises and thus appear to look more grey than straight black).

Commissioner's Notes:
Asmodeus is kind of a bitch.  Draw him bitchy.  Also, do not feel the need to stick to his clothing designs AT ALL.  These are just the mood of the clothing he typically wears.