Baal grew up hated by his parents, two nobles on either side of a civil war who are selfish and childish people, as such he is self conscious and has plenty of self esteem issues.  Both mistreated him greatly, being no less kindly than they would be to a servant of the lowest ranking.  This was mostly due to his being a halfling of two great demon breeds, Baphomet and Incubus.  He is neither and yet he is both and so he is constantly persecuted by his own people.  At some point during his younger years his father finally found an excuse to send him away, binding him to a contract with a cruel assassin guild leader.  He was to serve the abusive Leader's family until he was either released from servitude or the last in the Leader's line died with no heir.  Because of this harsh upbringing and long life of slavery Baal is insecure, self-loathing, and submissive. His only escape from reality is to cloister himself in his quarters with the many books and journals he has stolen from various targets, shops and nobles.  He feels his only friends he has are the characters and people he reads about and thus has a very unrealistic perspective on interaction with others and almost no experience.
Baal is wirey, tall, with chiseled features and overall very goat-y in appearance.  He is fairly fuzzy all over and has large pointed goat ears with course fur covering them, which are usually held flat in a defensive and submissive position.  His horns are not yet fully grown, but are dark and rough.  No one is quite sure what they'll look like when he's older, but most assume something embarrassing and silly looking.  The hair on the back of his neck actually trails down his spine and tapers to a point near his lower back before becoming long again where his tail starts.  To complete the goat look, Baal also has a short fluffy tail that is a source of insecurity for him so he typically hides it under his robes or a long coat. He wears delicate, rectangle classes that he needs to see practically everything.

Commissioner's Notes:

Baal is very demure and easily stepped on by more dominating personalities.  He constantly looks and acts like a kicked puppy and treated like the mutt no one wanted, mostly because this is true and he is incredibly lonely and desperate for attention. Despite it all he is actually extremely kind, thoughtful and would never intentionally hurt someone out of spite or revenge.  He's very chill and go-with-the-flow type personality, which sometimes clashes with the strict upbringing and beliefs of his friends and co-workers.

Second character Mullin.

Mullin on top | Baal on bottom