Orias is an Angelic Nobel who likes to collect sweets from all over the many planes. He is very outwardly chill, easy going and playful. While acting bubbly and kind of air headed, Orias hides a mean streak of cruelty, malice and apathy to rival any demon lord.

Angels in the FDA universe are petite and androgynous, often believed to not have two separate genders by outside cultures. Orias measures in at around 5'4", he has 3 sets of wings (6 wings) and covered in white Opel like stones trimmed in white gold that are visible on his forehead, down his back and along the base of the back of his wings and shoulders. Orias dressed very conservatively and does not show his neck, wrists or ankles. Halo is ornamental and something his people usually have, but not part of their anatomy.

Commissioner's Notes:
I love seeing all sorts of adaptations and re-interpretations of this character, do not feel the need to stick to any given outfit or mood.